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“do the loop” Paddle Powered Learning for KS2 & KS3 on the River Severn in Shrewsbury

 Throughout history the River Severn has played a major role in the life of the town of Shrewsbury helping to protect the town and providing an important trade route bringing wealth and development.

 Shrewsbury has many riches and as a learning environment provides opportunities which
 are difficult to equal.

 On the water when the children's learning comes alive. See it, touch it, do it;
 all helping to build understanding.

 Many areas of the curriculum can be imaginatively developed with almost every paddle stroke drawing inspiration and innovation.

 For our journey we will be using Bellboats an ideal craft to get the whole class afloat!


Bellboats where invented by former GB Olympic Canoe Coach David Train. The Bellboat is 9 metres long has a twin hull (catamaran), an overall beam (width) of 1.4 metres and can seat a crew of 12. The Bellboat    offers a safe and stable platform providing access to all abilities and promoting a philosophy of team spirit.

 “do the loop” is paddle powered and where possible schools will be encouraged to walk to and, from, the river, making “do the loop” easy on the environment and bursting at the seams with learning opportunities.

 Off the water too Shrewsbury has much to offer; historic buildings, churches, museums and
 Countryside Heritage Sites. 

 Celebrations have already begun to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin.

 On the Water

 Our meeting point is the Canoe Ramp, Frankwell where there is easy access to the river, changing facilities and ample parking.

 Schools need to arrange getting to and from the river. If your school is close by please consider walking.

 “do the loop” provide all specialist equipment needed  for your river journey, we will also send you a suggested kit list when you make a booking.




Contact us at: c/o Drummond Outdoor, South View, 8 Severn Bank, Shrewsbury, SY1 2JD
Telephone  01743 365022         email